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Your gateway to The Netherlands and Europe

kantoor.jpgDoing business in or from the Netherlands is a very interesting option for foreign companies, entrepreneurs and investors. The Netherlands has a strategic coastal location with, due to its membership to the EU, access to some 500 million consumers in western Europe. It has excellent logistics infrastructure, including the Port of Rotterdam which is the largest in Europe. It also has excellent ICT connectivity, internationally-oriented workforce (who speak very good English) and a favourable business and tax climate. The Netherlands is also a great place to live, with a good standard of living, safe cities and a top-notched schools. That’s why more than 6,000 foreign companies and entrepreneurs have already established over 8,500 operations in the Netherlands. Do you want to have jump start? Lexcore is very happy to provide assistance and advice.

Nice to meet you

amsterdam.jpgLexcore is a medium sized law and tax consultancy firm which focuses mainly on companies and their owners. Our office is centrally located in Tilburg (Southern Netherlands) on about a one hour drive from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels and Düsseldorf. Besides providing legal and tax advice to Dutch companies and their owners, Lexcore also has extended experience in providing legal and tax advice to international operating foreign companies and their owners. Not only in the Netherlands and the EU but also beyond. 

Lexcore offers a very good price-quality ratio. You will get at least the same knowledge and competences you would get from the large international firms (almost all our staff has worked for them in the past), but unlike them we offer personal service and more attractive rates. At Lexcore the lines are short; you will be in direct contact with the specialist you need. Furthermore through the years we have built up a very extensive network of competent and trustworthy advisers, such as civil-law notaries, accountants, insurance brokers, bankers etc. in both the Netherlands as abroad. Together with them we can assist you in, besides legal and tax, almost all other occurring matters.

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Doing business in The Netherlands

kantoor-2.jpgThe Netherlands offers foreign companies and investors an attractive business climate, among other, because of our tax system. The Netherlands have got a very extensive treaty network and offers various tax-efficient incentives, such as low corporate income tax rates (between 20 and 25%), the possibility of using tax entities and the participation exemption as well as no or limited withholding tax on interest and royalties.

Dutch citizens are known for their international focus. The level of education is high and almost everyone speaks English. Besides this also the location of the Netherlands is a big advantage for foreign companies and investors. Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is one of the largest and modern airports in the world; every day many flights arrive from and depart to destinations all over the world (US, Asia, Russia, Europe).The Netherlands furthermore has a high-quality IT and communication structure.

Last but not least the Netherlands is a political stable country with a solid and fair legal system and no corruption. For this reason the Netherlands is also used as a save heaven to store all kinds of interests.

In this memo you’ll find more detailed information about the benefits of the Netherlands to start up a new business or to use it as a gateway to the immense European market. 

At your service

In case you are considering to start up business activities in and/or from the Netherlands or otherwise use the possibilities of the Netherlands, then we are more than willing to help you with all occurring legal and tax issues. We can for example advise you about the most favorable legal and tax structure and help you to actually set it up but also assist in opening bank accounts and applications for (tax) registrations etc. Also in case you are considering to include the Netherlands in your already existing international tax and/or business structure, we can help you. Over the last years we assisted many (holding) companies in saving and/or preventing paying taxes. 

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